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Turning it on sees the head vibrate ever so softly and at first one wonders if it's doing anything at all. Indeed, if you're someone who refuses to read instructions and expects the Emmi-Dent to behave like Braun's mechanical toothbrush or Philip's Sonicare range, you won't think it does anything - it's like a regular toothbrush that vibrates a bit. But persevere.

You really are supposed to just press it lightly to your teeth and gums and simply leave it there. The head bristles are almost just for show: the real magic happens by the ultrasound creating nanobubbles around your teeth and it's these that do the cleaning. Most importantly, they do a very good job.



My cardiologist said I could use this product even though I have a pacemaker. Love love love my ultrasonic toothbrush. Teeth never felt so clean. I highly recommend this product.

Kathleen G. Mazza


Five Stars. Great product.

Kevin R.


 Great product for cleaning and keeping teeth clean. purchase the "system" several years ago and required toothbrush replacements - the based unit seems to be holding up well. These replacement parts seem almost better than OEM or it is has just been that long.

Victoria Alexander

Perfect small brush head. These Emmi-dent brush heads are a perfect size for my small jaw! I will definitely reorder. :)

R Bailey

 Completely healed my gums. Recommended by my Periodontist and she was right. I had been seeing a periodontist in San Diego and she had suggested I start using the Emmi-dent ultrasound tooth brush. I had wonderful results. I recommend it highly. My gums are now healed and have remained well. I am 70 years old and now have no problems. It works!


I've been using this one for a year, had to ask friend of mine in Germany to send it to me because it was not available on North American market at that time.
My dentist is really impressive, when do my regular teeth cleaning she says my teeth and gums are in perfect shape, she never told me that when I used Phillips Sonicare for 8 years. :-) There is nothing better then this toothbrush on planet it kills the root cause "bacteria" and fixes your gums - battery on my 8 year old brush still going good - not sure about the new models but I assume it should be as good from a great company. all other electronic mecaihnal brushers are useless in front of its effectiveness.

An you are questioning Amazon's marketplace concept ? well they created a model to change how planet earth shops :)) in which world do you think Amazon can stock millions of items with them ? its must to have a maketplace to practically buy anything under the sun and that's what Amazon business model is.


Great all natural toothpaste.
Works great with the Emmident toothbrush.
Gentle. Cleans good. Okay taste.
Nice to have the toothpaste ship from Florida instead of Germany. The seller packaged it well and included relevant product brochures that were helpful and in English!
Thank you.

Ann Cochran

GREAT TOOTHPASTE. Have used emmi dent for years. Rrally nice to have it available in whitening form.


What can I say? I have been using this tooth paste since the ultrasound toothbrush came out. Does the job!

Steve Mooney

I don't know the science behind it but using this toothpaste with an untra sonic toothbrush just feels like it does more.
My teeth feel cleaner

Catherine B.

The Emmi-dent toothbrush is an expensive investment which is used in conjunction with the toothpaste. Equally expensive are Soni Care and Dental visits. The Nano toothpaste is just a little more expensive compared to regular toothpaste. The negative is having to order,instead of purchasing at a drugstore or other stores and paying shipping.. The reason for four stars instead of five. Very little toothpaste is needed,therefore lasting a long time. The results have been impressive. That claim can be backed up by Dentist. I am glad I took a chance after watching Dr Manning discussing this product on TV and ordered.



Better than others. Profound product that has great use for using sonic toothbrushes. More expensive than regular toothpaste but worth every dime in tooth care!


 Works as advertised. Must use it as part of the Emmi-dent dental care regimen. Don/t have to use much per instructions. Seems to break plaque up and keep it from building up so you can floss it away . Works for me. One person found this helpful



This product really cleans my teeth. Of course, it has to be used in conjunction with the Emmi-dent toothbrush and not a regular one, but that goes with the premise.
I can't say that the combination of toothbrush and paste just "chips off" any plaque that might have accumulated, but I do feel that my teeth are very clean from everyday build-up, when used correctly. I would have loved for it to be a magic wand and simply get rid off all dental build-up that I might have, due to lack of having seen a dentist lately...but that is wishful thinking and rightfully reminds me that an appointment has to be made.
I am satisfied with this product and would recommend it to others.

L. P. Zuber

Good product for a great toothbrush. I've been using the Emmi-dent brush and toothpaste for awhile and give it credit for improving my dental cleanings. I always had good results when I had my teeth cleaned, but now, the hygienist can hardly find anything to remove though I know this isn't supposed to get under the gums, or, is it? I will continue to be a fan.


Works better than any others. I've been using it for about 5 years and have not needed tooth cleaning from the dentist. Last month he repaired a cracked molar and said how great my gums looked. No tartar or other buildup. This is the killer toothbrush we need. I bought originally because my teeth are tight and flossing is a pain. No need to any more. Yay

Darlene Adams Sligar


 Great for my aging gums. Awesome toothbrush

Val Lee


 I am excited about this brush that does not brush! I started using this toothbrush a couple days ago and it felt amazing. It truly was reminiscent of having a dental hygenist clean my teeth. I went to my hygienist today for my appointment; this after a few uses of the toothbrush. I had the best check-up I have ever experienced. She needed little time to clean my teeth. She usually has comments regarding how hard it is to clean my teeth and it usually a long session, though not at all today! I am completely grateful for this device!

Emmi-dent oral waver user


It does its job ...I have whiter teeth and healthier gums ... It really works! It does not wear teeth and gums ... I recommend it .

Emmi-dent oral waver user


I have very sensitive teeth and gums – it actually hurts a lot when trying to brush. I really like the emmi-dent oral waver because it cleans without pain.

Emmi-dent oral waver user


Well I am in love with it like I thought I would be, I like that I don't feel like I am grinding my gums off, I like how clean my teeth feel and I even like the tooth paste. But after using it a few times I think my favorite thing is that I trust that it will work for me to get through my entire mouth. When I originally read about it years ago I wanted one but could not afford it but I clipped the article and was cleaning things out and found that article and now I could afford it, I am so thankful I saved that article. It really does work the way I hoped it would, better than the regular electric toothbrush.